...... to the home of Starappeal cats. My name is Sue. I live on the Wirral in the Northwest of England and share my home with two Orientals and one Siamese and of course my human family. I first fell in love with Siamese in 1989 when I was given a chocolate point Siamese by a breeder friend. Her name was Chu-Chu and I had the honour to share 16 wonderful years with her. Of course by now I was completely addicted to the unique personality of the Siamese.

My love of Orientals came about when I visited a GCCF cat show and saw the most stunning black Oriental with the most exquisite emerald eyes. It was at this show I met breeder and now a very dear friend Irene Clarke of Foxypaws Siamese and Orientals who entrusted me with one of her super babies a blue shaded Oriental called Ramases. I took him to our first show and was hooked. Showing is a wonderful way to meet and make friends.

After many years of careful consideration I have now become a GCCF registered breeder and will hopefully look forward to breeding these beautiful cats.